Have you tried them? Three years ago I didn’t know they existed and now I have discovered them, it’s fabulous. There’s such a fantastic range of classes and teacher to explore and access.

What is an online art class?

It’s literally a virtual art class. There’s a teacher who posts lessons online which you can watch in your own time. You are then given time to explore your own practice of the lesson and techniques. Then, on to the next lesson. So easy.

Some classes are run “live” which means there’s a specific time frame so you’ll have to make an effort to keep up to get the most from the class. With others you take whenever you have time.

Often these classes have their own closed Facebook Group, so if you’re feeling social, you can post your work and view work from students in the same class. This is a great way to meet other students and see their work. In this scenario always remember “Comparison is the thief of joy” (Theodore Roosevelt)  so use this platform for inspiration and connection, not comparison.

The Unicorn's Nightmare
Acrylic on canvas – inspired by Flora Bowley’s Bloom True E Course

Why do I love them?

  1. It suits my schedule. 
    • I don’t have to travel anywhere. I can work in my own studio and my own time.
    • If you’re in a remote or rural area with limited access to art classes, the online option is perfect.
  2. I have access to fabulous art teachers all around the world.
  3. They are affordable.
    • Often the cost of the course is spread over a number of students, so you get value for money. You then have access to the content indefinitely or for several months.
  4. You meet people.
    • Oh yes you do. Surprising I know – even an introvert like myself has physically met and kept in touch with other like minded artists.
    • You connect with people with similar interests.
  5. You can get real time feedback. 
    • This depends on the format of the classes. But often you can. The teachers are on line and you can get help and feedback on your work.

But beware….

  • These classes are so accessible and sooooo tempting, it’s often easy to overcommit. I’ve done it! I get so excited that before I know it I’ve signed up to 3 or 4 and not been able to fully complete them. Avoid this if you can and get the most out of the class you’ve chosen.
  • You will need art supplies. Often you can use what you have but there’s always this delicious temptation to purchase or try different materials. The teachers will give you a list of their recommended supplies. What you buy will be determined by your budget.
  • At some point, you will want to do a face to face class. This is well worth the time and investment. Your online teacher will sometimes teach live. Go to a live class if you can. It’s a lot of fun.

In the next post, I’ll list some of my favourite teachers and their style.

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