Are you considering taking an online art class? I’ve discussed why I love online classes here. As there are so many available, it can get a little difficult to choose, so here are a few suggestions to help you choose.

  1. Do you have a style you’re interested in? Whimsy, expressive, abstract, landscapes, portraiture? This may not always be easy to answer, especially if you’re just starting out. Look at any work you’ve done or in the artists/art that appeals to you and this will help you narrow it down.
  2. Look for an artist that conducts classes in this style. Watch the teachers introductory videos and see whether their teaching style appeals to you.
  3. Start with a short course of the teacher of your choose (if possible) and see whether this is for you. If it is, great! If not, explore more teachers. Every class will teach you something.
  4. If you’re budget is limited (and that’s most of us), videos from the supplies manufacturers is a great place to start.

Happy art class hunting! In the next post, I’ll share some of my suggestions for online teachers and classes.

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