I’ve discussed why I love online art classes here and how to select a class here but if you need more suggestions, here are some classes that I’ve personally taken you might like:

Jane Davenport   – Jane’s online and face to face workshops got me back to art and I’ll be forever grateful. Her fun, whimsical classes focusses on art journalling as a way of self expression and creativity.  She’s an experienced artist and teacher and her classes have great technique tips and exercises. Her style features faces, figures and lots of colour. If you love the cute and whimsical, you’ll love these classes.

“I adore creating art because it makes me feel happy. The reason I teach is because I want this for everyone. Whether you want to make art as a pastime or as your profession makes no difference. As long as you enjoy the process rather than being fixated on the end result, you will keep at it. Growing and glowing! I would love to help you create the art of your dreams.”

Jane Davenport

Carla Sonheim – Carla has a range of classes which she teaches herself and together with other artists, so the the styles and range of classes vary. The stand out of Carla’s classes are the variety, content and production value. Carla’s husband is a photographer and together they make wonderful video classes.

“We strive to make sure that every class includes both innovative techniques and the opportunity for personal growth and self expression.”

Carla Sonheim

Lynn Whipple – One of the classes I’ve enjoyed the most is Lynn Whipple’s (via Carla’s site),  “Big Bold Bloom Wild Painting”. If you love flowers, you’ll learn such an interesting fun way to paint them.

Flora Bowley  – Flora’s classes are intuitive and expressive in nature. I did her Bloom True E-course and loved the process, although at times it feels like a weird leap of faith. Flora’s describes this course as a celebration of intuition which “connects body, mind and spirit, and allows unique, expressive paintings to emerge naturally”.

“I am a painter, permission-giver, gentle guide and creative ally.
I’m also bit of a rule breaker. I believe passionately in every human’s ability to create, and I know deep down in my bones that creative expression is a crucial part of holistic well-being. ”

Flora Bowley

Pauline Agnew – Pauline is an Irish artist who has a range of E-courses from figures and flowers to landscapes and abstracts. The difference with Pauline’s classes are that the groups are smaller and the classes happen “live” which means they tend to run to a 4 week schedule with Pauline giving weekly feedback on student’s work. You can still access the content and follow the lessons outside this timeframe but you won’t get the feedback ongoing. Pauline shares great content on composition, sources of inspiration and colour development.

Pauline is a “huge believer in the magical power of art and technology, Pauline uses the connective superpowers of the Internet to invite kindred creative spirits from all over the world into her studio beside her converted farmhouse, in the hills above the sea, where she lives with her family.”

All these teachers are wonderful. Their introductory videos and/or free classes (in some cases) will help you decide which one is right for you. What ever class you chose to take, you’ll learn something from each unique teacher. They are generous with their knowledge.

Take the plunge and enjoy the process.

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