I’m a workshop addict; it’s fun learning new ways to make things. I haven’t done one a workshop in a while so when I saw the opportunity of learning how basket weave using recycled materials; I signed up; as you do.

What appealed to me most about this workshop was the use of recycled materials like fabrics and wool to create a woven platter or basket. I have a vast collection of fabric and yarn and twine from my dressmaking and soft “sculpture” phase. This class seemed like a great way to combine the use of these upcycled materials, my love of colour and learn a new skill.


An enthusiastic group gathered at Little Lane Workshops for a pre-workshop glass of bubbles; then dived into learning weaving techniques guided by Ruth Wood of Craft School Oz. Ruth’s weaving has many influences including indigenous weavers in remote Australia and South East Asia. Her platter made from the fabric of a leg of black pair of jeans inspired to me to join the course.

Source: @craftschooloz

The afternoon workshop wasn’t enough time to complete my project, but it has certainly given me the necessary skills to make a platter or a small basket.

A selection of creations from the workshop

I did go on to finish my mat; not bad for the first attempt and this is a craft I’ll continue to do. The process was relaxing and creative.

The finished up cycled woven mat

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  1. Love upcycled art! You have woven your mat like a pro. Would love to have a few of them as placemats on the boat. Nothing livens up a table like a splash of creative color. Did you make that amazing horse at the beginning of the post as well?!?!

    1. I thought the mats and baskets may be something I could do on the boat but I’m not sure how practical it would be having raffia onboard; the materials can take up a bit of space. That horse was an actually an elephant (LOL) and yes, I did make it. It was lots of fun to make; I’ve made a few now and they end up with personalities of their own.

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