To plan our anchorages and marina stops in our first sailing season, we used an app called Navily (a Tripadvisor for anchorages and marinas) together with cruising/pilot guides for each region. Other times, we stumbled upon anchorages by chance or necessity. In hindsight, it was an ambitious distance covered of over 3500nM in 5 months; especially when we had a new catamaran we really hadn’t sailed much before. Plus we had never sailed extensively in Europe, so these guides were welcome and useful resources.

I kept a record of these anchorages and marina to help us remember exactly where we stayed. You may find this map useful in your cruising and travels as well. You can find an overview of our first season travels here plus a map of all anchorages and marinas under Resources here.

I hope you find this useful in your planning your own sailing adventure.

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