Is exploring Hobart, Tasmania on your weekend getaway list? If so, this travel guide may give you a few ideas of things to see and do while you are in Hobart.

At first glance, Hobart, Tasmania gives the impression of a large country town but don’t let her low key looks deceive you. There is much to see and do in this vibrant city and its surroundings. Hobart offers fantastic food, a lively art scene, rich colonial history, and incredible natural beauty; so, basically something for everyone. During a recent long weekend, we visited Hobart, so I’ll share our experiences of our stay.

Where to Stay in Hobart

Henry Jones Art Hotel
This is an eclectic art hotel set in one of the oldest warehouses in Hobart and located in the port area close to the city and amenities. The Henry Jones Hotel, and the surrounding buildings, is rich with history and art, and a delightful place to stay. So book a standard room with a view of the courtyard and you’ll find a relaxed and friendly base for your weekend.

Henry Jones Art Hotel Standard Room, Hobart, Tasmania
Henry Jones Art Hotel – Standard Room – Hobart, Tasmania
Image source: Henry Jones Art Hotel

Where to eat in Hobart

A fun part of exploring Hobart is the food. There is so much great food here and its often locally sourced. Here are some of the restaurants and cafes we enjoyed.

Landscape restaurant and grill: Located in the old IXL jam factory, and next to the Henry Jones Art Hotel, this restaurant has an extensive wine list coupled with a delicious menu featuring local Tasmanian and Australian ingredient. You’ll dine in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by the landscapes of John Glover.

The Glass House: A cocktail bar and restaurant set at the end of the pier with a gorgeous view of the river. The food is terrific and the kitchen is open from lunchtime until late; convenient for flexible meals and drinks in between sightseeing.

Peacock & Co: Found next to the Henry Jones Art hotel, this restaurant features the best of Tasmanian food. After a very early flight, we had a glass of wine and shared a selection of small plates as a light meal before an early night. Perfect.

Machine Laundry Cafe. A quirky cafe in Salamanca, great for breakfast, a light meal and coffee right in the middle of town.

Things to do in Hobart for a weekend

There’s such a wide variety of thing to explore in Hobart that you’re spoiled for choice. Here are some suggestions:

  • Visit the Modern Museum of Old and New Art, otherwise known as MONA. This was an absolute treat and such a wonderful experience. I loved every minute of it but as a non-traditional art gallery, it can be polarising. I’d recommend visiting by ferry, which you pick up in the city pier and enjoying the short ride there and back to the gallery. The exhibitions change and you’ll find MONA a unique and thought-provoking experience.
  • Visit local Art Galleries like Art Mob, specialising in Australian indigenous art or Bett Gallery, who feature numerous Tasmanian artists.
  • No visit would be complete without a trip to the Saturday Salamanca Markets to enjoy the food and art and craft stalls.

Things to do just outside Hobart

Drive, or take a bus down to Port Arthur, a historic site rich with convict history in a stunning location. Make sure you catch the introductory walking tour which gives you a vivid sense of life at the Port Arthur penal colony and sets up your afternoon to explore the grounds. You get a sense of how grim life and conditions were in the colony.

So if you are planning a weekend getaway or a visit to Australia, consider exploring Hobart, Tasmania. It’s well worth the time because the city and its surroundings have so much to offer.

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