A new catamaran and a different life.

There are times you make decisions that you know will change the path of your life.

Our catamaran purchase is one of these big, scary decisions.

Why big and scary? We have made a big commitment to a particular way of life. A life of 6 months sailing and 6 months at home in Austrlia. I know it will have its challenges. We are taking a leap into the big unknown and having to let go of things in our life now to make it possible; the comfortable, safe familiar things.

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Going to the darkside: From monohull to multihull

We’re old school sailors. Well, correction, we were old school sailors. A little less than a year ago we wouldn’t have stepped foot on a catamaran, let alone consider buying one. My, how things changed. I’m not even sure whether I could pinpoint how, or when, our thinking changed. Was it when our friends bought a catamaran and took us for a fabulously relaxed day sail? Or that our favourite You Tubers moving from monohull to a multihull? Either way, when we decided we wanted to upgrade our yacht, the option of catamaran was thrown into the mix and months of research began. We went from zero to 100 in our knowledge of cats, researching different brands and their pros and cons.

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